Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 months and 4 years (and counting!)

I am LONG overdue for an update on Landon and Sadie. Life has spiraled out of control and I'm trying to right myself and cherish this precious time with my babies before it's too late. I won't let anyone take that away from me... Let's get down to business. Sadie: Oh where do I start? She has finished her first year of preschool and grown about 3 inches in that same time! She has grown by leaps and bounds compared to this time last year. And to think we were worried that she would cry and throw a fit when we dropped her off at school for the first time. She never cried once. Sadie's progress report from school was fantastic. My little girl has been through a lot this year yet she continued to excel in all areas. In the fall, she starts at a special preschool that she qualified for through the county. It's every single day (just like kindergarten) but her teacher, Miss Patti, said this would be PERFECT for Sadie. And away we go with it! It's been a joy to watch her play and interact with her brother this year too. As Landon becomes more mobile and independent, they are both relying on each other the way a brother and sister should. She loves Landon very much and loves to imagine and make-believe with him all the time. I'm so proud of the little girl she's grown into. Landon: My sweet baby boy is growing up so fast, on his way to becoming not-so-much a baby any more. He's almost 11 months old and has been walking for a few weeks now. He has almost mastered the sippy cup (ADIOS BOTTLES!) and loves to play with anything that has wheels - even his sister's Strawberry Shortcake car! Landon still has issues with dairy so we aren't going there again until he's at least 2 years old when we'll get allergy testing done. For now, it's still prescription formula. He's not so much a picky eater, but doesn't eat very much. He loves all of Mommy's homemade food. His faves are: applesauce, green beans, sweet potatoes and oyster crackers! Landon has a fantastic smile and giggle. He is full of life and happiness and I truly believe there is a reason God gave him to us last. He brings us so much joy and I can't imagine my life without him. Sawyer's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching. The days are going to be hard, and I feel like I can truly mourn his death this year - unlike last year when I was pregnant. There is a huge hole missing our lives without him, but the things we have been doing in his memory to help families like ours has been incredibly humbling. For his birthday, we will be having another balloon release at the cemetery and a pizza party with cake. The next day, we head up to Michigan for an entire week to reflect on his life and spend time together as a family. Hopefully I won't be so behind in updating what's been going on with the kids. At least for my sake. I think I'm the only person who reads this blog!