Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My interview with Sadie

What is something that makes mommy happy? Sadie: Sawyer What is something that makes mommy sad? Sadie: Sawyer How does mommy make you laugh? Sadie: Tickles! What was mommy like as a child? Sadie: Like me! How old is mommmy? Sadie: 30 or 32 How tall is mommy? Sadie: Really, really REALLY TALL What is mommy's favorite thing to do? Sadie: Play with me. Mommy? Can you play with us??? What does mommy do when you're not around? Sadie: Go to grandma's What is mommy really good at? Sadie: Baseball and soccer What is mommy not very good at? Sadie: The Cubs What does mommy do for her job? Sadie: Dishes What is mommy's favorite food? Sadie: Pancakes If mommy was a cartoon character, who would she be? Sadie: Strawberry Shortcake What do you and mommy do together? Sadie: We play and we love little baby brothers How are you and mommy the same? Sadie: Same hands (which is so true by the way!) How are you and mommy different? Sadie: Our hairs are different and our arms are different How do you know mommy loves you? Sadie: Because you show the good way to love people. Where is mommy's favorite place to go? Sadie: The museum and the mall!