Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear today - just suck it

Man it's just one of those freaking days where every little annoying thing is going wrong. Nothing major in the grand scheme of things, but enough to just irk the living shit out of me.

And I just made some tomato soup in the microwave - to top it all off - it exploded all.over.the.place. This has never in my life happened before, which is why it happened today. Tra la la.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hope for Caleb...

Please send prayers out for a friend of mine dealing with a difficult time in her life - Pray for baby Caleb:


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day - How I'm helping

#1 - Teaching Sadie to go on the potty, thus alleviating the need for massive amounts of diapers that go into landfills. I'm sure the massive amounts of poop that will now be in our sewers might not seem like the best alternative, but darnit, I'm trying.

#2 - Cooked dinner last night on the grill using wood chips. OH man, that hickory-smoked burger was tasty.

#3 - Freecycled a gently-used boppy pillow (maternity/nursing pillow). Those things cost close to $50 in the store, so someone will be happy.

#4 - Opened the windows.

#5 - Hung some of some of Sadie's sheets on the patio to dry.

And there you go earth - you're welcome.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two years ago today...

Old blog post - revisited:

Hey guess what?

You won't guess. So i will tell you.

Okay. Last week, i thought i had the flu. i had fevers, chills, vomiting - the usual.

Sooo, i just took it easy and pretty much ignored it. that's what you do when you have a newborn to take care of.

Anyway - so Sunday, Sadie got baptized, so i kinda put the pukey, flu-like feelings aside for the day so we could get things done. After a LONG day, we come home and i go to the bathroom.

(warning, kinda wierd, gross stuff ahead)

After i pee, i am pulling up my underwear and notice the entire front is covered in this yellowish, sticky stuff. I was like, no. this is not happening.

I stand up and look in the mirror, and my c-section (which has been giving me problems since DAY ONE) looked like someone had been chewing on it.

It was all red and disfigured - and PAINFUL. (keep in mind, i had seen my doctor 3 different times to get this fixed - and he said that everything was fine and healing well).

So, i put the baby down and rush over to mary's to have her look at it. i pull up my shirt, show her and ask, "what do you think?"

she says "ummm. yeah you really should go in. right now"

so my mom drives out to mary's and picks me up and off we head to St. Joes because i'll be DAMNED if i EVER go to silver cross ever again.

long story short - they did a CAT scan in the ER and it shows that the incision is completely infected - so a surgeon comes straight in and does surgery right there in the ER.

he re-opens the wound so it will drain out and admits me.

so. i finally got home today - but it's like i had the c-section all over again.

bascially, they keep the wound open and stuff it with stuff to help it heal from the inside out. then, i'm hooked up to a "wound vac" that sucks all the bad stuff out.

sounds fun huh?

so everytime they have to change the wound dressing, they have to re-open it and shove gauze in there and foam stuff and this silver thing.

i can't even begin to convey the pure anger and hatred i have for my doctor that completely ignored me. i'd go into more detail about this person, but we plan on seeking legal counsel over the matter - because i was hospitalized and had surgery for no reason at all. it never should have gotten to this point.

i couldn't even leave my room because i was in isolation for infection. turns out, the cultures they took showed infectious disease growing in my tissue and my skin. nice huh?

thanks doctor for telling me i was fine after all those times i went to you - a person who had the resources to care and cure, but who didn't give a shit at all.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Michelle's cleaning tips

I don't have many to offer, but I've found these along the way and thought I'd share. First off we'll talk about the vacuum. The biggest mistake I think people make is NEVER or hardly ever changing the filter. After every use of the vacuum we empty the container, wash it out and wash off the filter. It does wonders and doesn't spread the dust around at all.

My second bit of cleaning advice would definitely benefit the moms of little ones out there - Baby wipes. They are amazing for dusting because they are already moist and don't leave a streaky afterglow. They hold on to the dust nicely and cost a lot less than a lot of the other dusting products that they sell out there. Plus, it's a lot better for the air in your home since you aren't spraying gross chemicals all over the place (however, I still swear by orange-scented Murphy's oil for brining out the shine in wood).

And finally my new best friend, Vinegar (white distilled)! I wish I knew about it so much sooner than I did. I remember my grandma's house smelling like it as a little kid, and now I know why. It had been used as a household cleaner for years before all the Lysol's came out on the market. It is an amazing disinfectant and can be used as a scouring agent when combinged with baking soda. And again, no nasty chemical smells on your counters, faucets or floors. And talk about reasonable! I've found a lot of other awesome uses for vinegar from this website too: http://www.vinegartips.com/scripts/pageViewSec.asp?id=7

Well, maybe I'd better get cleaning now. But thought I'd share some of my secrets.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hannah Montana makes me cry

I feel like sometimes all I talk about are babies and kids but hey - that's my life at the moment.

I am really itching to start getting things ready for the next baby. I need to clean out Sadie's closet, my closet and the hall closet to make room for a new member of the family and ALL the things that they need. I didn't register for anything "pink" or "girl" but I have soooo much pink and girl clothes, burp cloths and blankets. If any of my faithful readers are in need of anything, please let me know so I can sort through things.

I'm also a little bit sad to know that we aren't having a little girl. For all I know, Sadie might be the only girl we ever have - not that I'm not thrilled to have a boy - but all those little pink booties and dresses - they might never be worn again by a Williams baby and that brings a tear to my eye.

Lately pretty much anything leaves me teary-eyed. Music, television, movies, commercials. I actually cried during the Hannah Montana movie (which I watched while deliriously sick so don't judge). Son of a Miley Cyrus.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Boy or Girl???

I have had a feeling the past few weeks it's a boy...let's see if I'm right! Still don't know if we're sharing with the world or not. Eh, who am I kidding? We can't keep a secret for anything!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sadie peed on the potty! Twice!

Two times today people! TWO TIMES. They were just tinkles, but hey, pee is pee right? We missed a poop by just a few seconds, but she is really excited about it now. She gets one M&M if she goes pee or poop and one "potty penny" and she loves putting one in her bank! I hope it's not a false start, but I think anything is better than nothing at this point. Wish us luck! We're going to really push for this before Baby #2 gets here. God, that would be a miracle if I only had ONE diaper to change.

Sea Lions and Sadie