Sunday, August 10, 2008


Sadie pooped one heck of a load on the way home from Buffalo Rock. We decided to take the scenic route home (Route 6 instead of I-80) and she pooped a gigantic, mooshy one when we were in the middle of nowhere.

I figured it could wait 26 more miles till we got to Morris to change her - but guess what...Sadie really didn't want to be sitting in that diaper. After about 5 minutes of screechy screams and countless efforts to calm her (bottle, binky, toys, etc)...I told Erik that we must pull over immediately.

So, dutifully - he whips the car into a cornfield where we changed the diaper. I changed it and handed Erik the diaper. He threw it into the cornfield. So next year, when we're driving around next summer wondering where we steered into a field - we should just look for the 20ft stalk of corn that will be well fertilized.

We did have fun today besides our romp in the field. We were at the "Rock" with Karlene and the gang and it went pretty well for having a toddler and two babies to watch after. I had a really nice time and the weather was great! Well, I'm exhausted so I bid adieu.

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