Saturday, August 2, 2008

Drama in the baby department

So why in God's name do they stop making sleepers after 9 months? What, at 12 months it's time for two-piece jammies. I'm all for the jammies, but the sleeper is just - easier. I just do one zip and ta-da...diaper change!

After hunting and searching for quite some time, I found a few sleepers (12 and 18-month mind you) at Babies-R-Us. I've also been buying up boys sleepers too at garage sales, resale shoppes - wherever I can find them. Having a girl is great because they can wear anything. Plus, if we ever have a boy - I already have some clothes in stock and ready to rock.

Erik, Sadie and I had our weekly date at Pizza Hut. It's was very tasty. Sadie is really good when we go out to dinner too. I'm kinda surprised.

I also got some pretty good news today - we're going back up to my brother's vacation home in about two weeks for a FOUR day weekend! Woo wee!

The family picnic was today and I have lots o pics and videos - I'll post them sometime tomorrow after Terry and Shannon's shower. Well, off to feed Sadie and have her sleep with us. Yeah yeah, don't yell at me. But on the weekends she's been crashing in our room and I don't care - I love her and the more time we spend together, the better!


helene8011 said...

dude, we did that all the time with Helen. I never knew before you could get so much sleep with a baby. Only wish we'd brought Kyra into bed too!

Collins said...

I just saw Sleepers a The Children's place that looked larger.

The 9 month trap is so annoying! So many people don't even MAKE 9 month clothes, I had a helluva time dressing him until he was in 12 month clothes. Stupid fashion people.