Monday, August 18, 2008

Our first call to the Poison Control Center!

How memorable eh folks?

Really nothing too scary - but as a clueless, new mommy - I thought we'd poisoned Sadie last night...

I bought a poinsettia plant about two years ago for $6 and it's STILL alive. So alive in fact that the darn thing has needed to upgrade to a bigger pot for over a year now. Last night I randomly decided to take on the task with Erik's help.

We had just put Sadie down to bed and she kept waking up so we were taking turns trying to calm and soothe her. I headed back to her room and popped her "DeeDoh" (pacifier) back into her mouth...when I noticed that my fingertips and palm were covered in this milky-looking substance. I knew as soon as I smelled it that it must have been from a broken branch of the poinsettia and I swooped Sadie into my arms and hollered for Erik to call poison control.

By the way - If you do not have the # for poison control somewhere handy, I highly suggest it. Ours is on the fridge and there was no problem finding the number.

After a five-minute conversation with the woman from poison control - it was determined that Sadie would have had to eat a hell of a lot more poinsettia to get sick, and pretty much the entire plant to die. But, we washed her mouth out anyway and she got an extra bottle out of the deal.

I hope that's the only time we ever have to call.

On the bright side - For the third year in a row I don't have to buy a poinsettia plant for Christmas. Jealous??

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Collins said...

If it's any consolation, at about 8 months Finn ate a dishwasher pellet and I called poison control.

They told me he might poop bubbles but he would be fine. He had no ill effects.

This is a rite of passage. Congrats!