Friday, August 15, 2008

Swap Shop - ON AIR

So when you live in the middle of nowhere - it's very, VERY hard to pick up any waves from Chicago radio stations (minus the AM - 10,000 watt megabeasts).

So, I stumbled onto this local Morris station and it's beyond entertaining.

So there is this show called Swap Shop where people call in and describe items for sale or items that their looking for and then they leave a phone number. Here are some of the items - LIVE as they call in...

- 18 ft fiberglass boat (for parts) 815-476-7414
- hide-a-bed sofa 815-634-4562
-garage sale (in an alley mind you)
- packer's lamp 815-942-6011
-garage sale 1080 E North St COAL CITY lots of size 3X plus clothing
-male chameleon (with cage for $75) 815-735-6899
-fiberglass pick-up cover for an 8ft bed truck 815-735-5134

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