Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good news about FVL (for once!)

Went to the blood doc today and since the surgery is minimally invasive and I'll be up and around within a day of the surgery - he doesn't see any reason to put me on blood thinners after the procedure. If I was getting something like my hip replaced, then that'd be different.

So this means that I should be out of the hospital within 1-2 days instead of 3-4. Yays!

He also didn't see a reason to test Sadie until she hit the point in her life where she'd be taking birth control/trying to get pregnant. So that's a relief!

Basically - he said I have a ten-fold chance of clotting over a normal person. Things that GREATLY increase this risk even more are smoking and using contraceptives (both of which I have completely cut out of my life). Major surgery and pregnancy are the only times I need worry. So until then I'll sit back, relax and let my blood do what it's gonna do.

*(Disclaimer) If I do for whatever reason get a clot - this guy's going down. I pretty much hate him. He took over for my other doctor who I adored. Annoying.

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