Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sadie Senses

Sadie has been waking up screaming for the past two nights. She's already over her ear infection, doesn't want a bottle...

I honestly think she's sensing what's up. Probably getting the "freaking out" vibe from her Mama right about now. I'd better start to calm down so she can relax too.

It's just that I'm going to miss her more than anything. I think that's what's got me worked up more than anything else. At least I know she'll be somewhere warm and comfortable and that my mom will take good care of her. She loves Grandma T.

I feel really bad for Erik too. He's been busting his ass at work to be able to be with me Thursday and Friday. He feels responsibility to Sadie, his job, me...It's really taking a toll on him. When he gets nervous he eats too. He ate a lot when he got home.

Compared to everything else this should be a walk in the park. Within a few more days, the pain in my leg will be GONE (after seven long, horrible months). Normally, things seem to blindside us but this time we've been able to prepare for what's coming. It's actually kind of nice.

Besides, I'm just carrying on the family tradition! Grandpa had two back surgeries, my mom had two back surgeries - and here I am. Glad to take the torch from the Shanahan's on this one. Hopefully, the flame will die out by the time Sadie grows up. I'll probably be on her constantly for sitting up straight and slouching - just like MY mom was.

Mary randomly stopped by tonight and scared the living daylights out of me. I looked a hot mess too lemme tell ya. No shower, clothes from yesterday (everything else is packed or in the laundry)...but she did bring me ice cream. That always makes me feel better.

I'm really excited because I'm going to WalMart with Sadie today too. I haven't been out since last Friday so I'm kind of looking forward to it. It'll be hard with my back, but I have to get the stupid cat some food and pick up her 6 month pictures. Yays!

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