Thursday, September 4, 2008

What the...Explained and the IMD Guest House

Took Sadie to the doctor today just in case it was something worse - and my instinct was right. She has a nasty ear infection and a very red/swollen throat. The doctor said it would have been a lot worse if we waited, so I'm glad we went.

She'll be on antibiotics for about 10 days - then back to the doctor to make sure everything is OK. Even though we're so far past her little scare when she was born - we can't forget that her immune system is still not up to par with other babies. Probably have to be really careful with her this winter. Just hope there isn't some superbug floating around.

Anywho - after a dose of antibiotics and some saline drops - she's finally sleeping and went down without screaming (and let me tell you - she was screaming like i've never heard before).

On another note........

We found this absolutely wonderful place to stay by Rush University Medical Center before and after the surgery. The discectomy is on Friday, but on Thursday morning we're checking into the IMD Guest House - a place for patients and families. For only $40 a night, we get our own studio apartment (with bed, sofa, TV, fridge, microwave, laundry, etc...) with free shuttle to the hospital 24/7.

Something like this would have been so absolutely wonderful when Sadie was at Children's. We were offered a room at the Ronald McDonald House after a week - but had to turn it down because it was just a one-person suite and I needed help to do everything after the c-section. Plus, I really couldn't fathom being alone at night. So, this guest house will probably be another little something we'll put on our list of places to donate to in the future. Every hospital should offer services like this.

Here is a link to their site, it's pretty awesome!

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