Thursday, October 9, 2008

My poor baby!

Well, it's tooth cutting time here in the Tarrant house and I'm sure most of Briarwood Lane knows about it too.

She has a teeny, tiny bud on the right side of her mouth that should cut through the gums any morning now. In the meantime, we're combating the issue by shoving teething tablets into her mouth before she wakes up from every nap. Seems to be working pretty good.

But, tonight - we had forgotten to give her any teething tabs for quite a bit of time - and she woke up screaming in pain around 11 p.m. My mom had never heard her cry like that before and she immediately turned from grandma-mode into mom-mode.

My mom tried to bounce and soothe her for a while, but it was a futile effort - so I took Sadie and she stopped crying long enough to catch her breath and let me shove some tabs into her sore little mouth.

My mom just put her down and it looks like we've got her sleeping and pain-free for the time being. It's pretty exciting to see her first tooth almost sprouting forth! But, I won't put anything down in the baby book until that sucker rips through those pink gums.

On that note - I'm exhausted and have therapy pretty early in the morning. Nighty night folks.

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