Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Haven't been going to well lately.

In a way though, they've sort of shined the light on why I might have been the way I was - and definitely why I love my life now and my husband for giving me the perspective and release I need in order to be me.

I don't know if my mom knows it, but she really has saved my ass while I've been here. She says that I yell at her all the time (any type of suggestion/criticism is taken as yelling) but I hope that she just understands the amount of appreciation I have toward what she's done for me.

Let's see - where do I begin...

She's changed the bandage and seen about every square inch of my most private of parts when I had the c-section. She helped me take a shower, sit, stand, eat and live at her house while I was going through a very bad time.

My mother - who is one of the most squeamish people I know - sat there and watched as my home nurse opened my gaping wound to show my mom how to clean and dress it if need be. She never flinched (even though she looked like she might throw up afterward).

And here we are today - she picks up that baby every single time she screams, cries, needs a diaper, is hungry, is sad, just wants a hug. She does all the things I can't do for her and so much more. I'm pretty sure my mom doesn't read my blog, but a piece of my heart will always belong to her for everything she's done for me, especially lately.

I hope she has the best of times on her cruise and gets the R&R she deserves. Some people think my stay here is like some sort of extended vacation - and some people need a kick in the face for that one.

Anywho - here's to you mom. For being there for me no matter what and loving me for who I am - faults and all. I love you!

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