Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back surgery update!

I'm home and cleared to lift the baby!

For the first time in two months, I'll be able to be a mommy again. To not be able to take care of your child is the most frustrating and overwhelming experience. But, I'm so fortunate to have had the help from my mom that I did.

Tomorrow will be the first time in two months that I'll be on my own with Sadie. Tonight, I fed her dinner, changed her into her jammies, read her a book and put her to bed. I snuggled her in my arms and it was an amazing feeling. Finally. Of course, I cried being the sap that I am.

Sadie's been very good at adjusting to life back at home, but I know she misses my mom. It's pretty cute and sorta sad at the same time.

Also - She hasn't used a bottle now in THREE days! When we got home I gave her the sippy cup and that's all she's used ever since. She is also drinking double the amount of milk she did before. I think she just wanted to do it all on her own. Plus, Sadie's always been great at adjusting to change.

My next step is to try and teach her the fine art of the spoon. Gerber makes a great first spoon with grated edges that holds the food. We'll see how that goes. Consistancy is the key. That's how I was with the sippy and it seemed to work great. Maybe she adjusted well to it since we didn't get to nurse very long. Either way, it's nice to not have to make a bottle.

Well, I better rest up for our big day. It's supposed to be beautiful so I better get her out to the park before winter comes in full force. I also have some plants to re-pot and I've been waiting to do it for like, two months!

Here's to the future - Here's to no more pain and living life with no worries. The next time I see the inside of a hospital room from a bed - I better be giving birth or dying.

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