Saturday, November 8, 2008

Caring for Caregivers...

I recently inquired to Children's Memorial about saying "Thank You" to the hospital and staff of the NICU for all that they had given us last March.

We plan on accepting donations of toys for infants (for the NICU and PICU) because these are the patients in the hospital in most need of items. Imagine your child in a metal crib with nothing to look at but machines and white ceilings. So, we're hoping to gather an assortment of crib toys, teethers and rattles for all the sick babies. Maybe even make it a tradition on Sadie's birthday or something.

Anywho - we also wanted to do something nice for the staff on the NICU floor like bring in cupcakes or some sort of treat. The woman I was in contact with from the Grateful Families Initiative told me they have this awesome program for nurses and staff called Caring for Caregivers. You donate a monetary amount and it goes toward providing things like massage, free iPod downloads/players, etc to keep the staff happy and relaxed. I can't imagine the level of stress they must go everytime they got to work.

I don't know how many families take the time to say thanks like that, but it must be a lot if they've established a program like this.

I just thought what a nice little thing that made my day a little brighter and to soon brighten up the day of one family, one mother, one baby.

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