Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The story (sorry it took so long, but I was at my sister's while the house was being aired out from the smoke)

Well, I was baking sweet potatoes and was on my second batch (all in preparation for Thanksgiving). I took the batch out of the oven and set it on top so they could cool and I turned the oven off.

I went thru the house making the bed and doing random stuff. In the background, I heard a beeping noise and thought, that's funny - I turned it off. So I went back in and turned off the oven. But I knew something was already wrong because of the smell.

So I hit the off button and it started beeping again showing two letters "ER" which I assume means "error" or "get the hell out before you have to go to the ER."

Call my husband and am like, how the hell do i turn this off? And he's like, I'm on my way home.

Well, I notice smoke start to seep from the oven and was like, oh MY GOD - so I opened the door to listen for the sound of gas......When I opened the oven door, it had gotten so hot on the inside that it was melting and IT FELL OFF.

I was like, OH SHIT at that point and grabbed the baby, called 911 and got out so fast that I put my pants on inside out AND backwards.

Now, have a good laugh because that's what I've been doing all day to cope with this.

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