Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The obligatory New Year's blog


Does anyone really make a list, let alone even try to keep them?

I can readily talk about 2008 and all it brought instead of a resolution I'd never been sincere about. I can also look forward to all that 2009 is going to bring.

The past year brought the happiest moments of my life along with the worst. Let's get with the bad first...

A lot of pain mixed with a heaping dose of frustration and anger. Two surgeries and one hell of an infection. Although all of this stuff brought me down and can still get to me at times - I've learned a lot from it all too - which brings me to the good.

After all the doubt, all the pain, all the trouble and all of the unexpected - Sadie arrived. She might not have came the way we wanted but she was here. There hasn't been one day that's gone by since she's been born that I haven't looked at her and sent a breezy thank you to God for the love of my life.

When I've been at my worst - I could always peek in on my sleeping angel and know it was all worth it.

I've also learned a lot more about love and how it can grow so much that you're almost bursting from all of it inside you. I love my husband in a way now that I never imagined - and I'm so lucky.

So, here's to you 2008 - for all the good and the bad, the happy and sad.

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