Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lesson's from Sadie

I'd be lying if I said I didn't get anxious and very nervous with Sadie before her surgery this morning. I know, I know. She's been through worse - it was just a little surgery.

But for me, it brought back a lot of those bad feelings - and at the same time - stirred up some postive feelings for a change.

When the anestheisiologist came to talk to us before the surgery, I had NO idea that she would have a tube down her throat during the procedure. Which pretty much got me thinking to the last time she had one down her throat.

Her surgery went very well and I only got upset once -when another little toddler was screaming after his ordeal. I never worried Sadie would get hurt - just felt awful that she even had to go through something like this.

I have to say that I am VERY PROUD of my daughter. I know she's only been on this earth a mere 10 months, but in those 10 months she's shown me what a strong, independent and tough person she is (Yes - babies can be all those things if you ask me). She's stubborn, but not to a fault and is so determined to learn you'd be puffing your chest out in pride too if she were your kid.

There were so many obstacles in the beginning that she had to overcome. There was so much working against her, yet my little fighter trucked on through it and proved everyone wrong! She's hearing great, growing well and isn't behind on a darn thing!

She's my hero. Plain and simple.


Mev said...

I totally get this.
It leaves me a sense of dread and pride at the same time when I think about what they've been through, and who they've shown themselves to be.

Michelle said...

that's a great way to put it - dread and pride...