Thursday, February 19, 2009

My sixth sense

I've always had a gift or power - whatever people want to call it - to see things before they happen. It's usually nothing profound or significant, but it's enough to send a few chills up my back.

Today I experienced one of those moments - however (for the first time) I saw it so clear - more than usual. So clearly in fact that I had enough time to act on the vision.

Driving home from my parent's house in Mokena and had just got onto I-80 westbound toward home. While merging, I noticed the semi whizzing past me, making a mental note for whatever reason.

After about 2 minutes, I caught up to that semi - eyes fixated on the tires closest to the front of the truck. Then I saw it. I slammed on my brakes in enough time to see what I had seen in my head seconds before - the tire exploding so violently that it very possibly could have blown the windows of my car off if it hit me.

So finally, a vision has possibly saved me from harm. I'll let you know if I see anything else anytime soon...

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Jaimes said...

I have had these experiences, too.

In high school, I had a feeling of total horror and impending doom when I had to get into Phil Crosshider's car to go from one campus to the other for drumline. I was 15, and I wasn't allowed to get into cars with my peers until I got my driver's license. So when I got in and freaked out and insisted on getting back out, everyone gave me a hard time because they thought that I was just afraid of getting in trouble. I insisted that we were going to get into an accident. I got in and out of the van three times. The weather was bad, I wasn't allowed... everyone told me I was being paranoid.

I finally got in and buckled TWO seatbelts around me. Half way there, we were slammed... or should I say I was slammed... and the last thing I saw was the headlights coming toward me from the jeep that hit us. I went through the window face first, but got pulled back in from the tension of the two seatbelts.

My parent's were not pleased.


Second life and death experience: I was supposed to fly to Iowa for work, and I really had a feeling that I was not going to make it. I even called my boss and told him to have a back-up plan. He dismissed my concern. I went to the airport in the middle of a blizzard, assuming that the flight would cancel due to weather. Of course, we were delayed. Finally we are called to walk out on the tar mac (sp?) to get onto a tiny little plane. Yeah, in a blizzard. I figured it was just a technicality so that the airline would not have to refund tickets since we actually boarded the plane. I even left my coat on. They deiced and we still sat. The flight attendant was pretty sure we weren't going to take off before deicing was needed again, and it was getting late, so we probably wouldn't take off at all.

Then we started to taxi.

I FREAKED OUT and I am not afraid of flying. I fly all the time. But I KNEW I was not going to Iowa. So If I wasn't going to Iowa, but I was on a plane that was taking off that was destined for Iowa, where was I going? I thought about making final phone calls, telling people I loved them. I was considering checking for a signal on my cell phone when the captain came on the intercom: we had engine failure and he was putting the plane down. We were closest to the Milwaukee airport, so that was where we landed. I was certainly right about not going to Iowa!

It was a fantastic set of conversations I had with my boss, the travel assistant, and the CEO at 12:30 AM the morning of the day of the case that I was supposed to be attending at a hospital in Iowa at 6:00 AM. Tough luck... they should have listened to me when I warned the to get a secondary plan. Im just glad that I made it thought the night: in hindsight, it could have ended a lot worse, and I will always pay attention to these intense feelings as they come.

Looks like you should, too!