Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sadie - 11 months

So much is going on with my little "mammers."

She's cruising like a pro, standing and can take about 2 solid steps before she falls to the ground. She's talking up a storm and it's so amazing to watch. She knows mama and dad, kitty, bah's and la's.

She's going to be a blabbermouth just like her momma.

Her hair is getting so long and I'm not sure if I need to cut it yet. At least cut the bangs in her face. She has been sleeping through the night for well over a week and it's been lovely! We discovered that all she needed were some overnight diapers.

She's pretty much eating off the table now. So we've all adjusted to eating a lot better. Her absolute favorite foods are avacado's and broccoli. Can you believe that? I've still been successful in avoiding the "chicken finger/nugget and french fry" grip. I don't want her to eat all that crap after all the work I did to make sure she got a healthy start.

It's definitely been an adventurous year and I can't believe she's about to turn ONE! I'm so proud of all she's accomplished in this short amount of time. I'm really loving our time together.

Around this time next year, we're going to get to work on making Sadie a BIG SISTER! I can't wait. I'd LOVE to have three kids, but we'll see (keeping fingers crossed).

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