Thursday, July 30, 2009

Milk maid

Sadie is impressing me every day. I can't get mad at her, although the term frustration is used quite a bit in my mommy vocabulary book.

First thing this morning after breakfast, I let her take her sippy cup full of milk into the living room. I never usually allow this because it sloshes and spills everywhere - but thanks to Sadie's new ability to drink from a "hard spout" spills aren't a worry any longer.

Instead, the new worry is apparently her amazing ability to open the sippy cup - all by herself! White milk all over the green area rug and, of course, all over her. Sticky goodness.

In other Sadie news she has learned two new words in a jiffy - "stop" and "hot." She also understands what these words mean, which comes in handy when cooking a pizza on the nights that I just can't bring myself to do more than press the preheat button.

Oh Mammers...You amaze me.

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