Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to lose a friend

With friends like these, you don't need enemies right?

I got called out by a pretty good friend recently on my absence in our friendship. Apparently, she's been counting all the times I've gone to see her in a play or visited her at her apartment or how often we've gone out to dinner. Last time I checked, friends didn't keep tally on each other or require a certain amount of visits within a set period of time.

After being taken by surprise with her comments to me, I attempted to explain that my life isn't the way it used to be any longer. Friend replies "yeah the problem is Michelle, you're blaming your comments and inability to EVER be there for me on parenthood."

Since when did being a parent become the "point" to blame things on? I have a lot of friends. Many of whom I haven't seen in years. But there's a difference. These friends try to understand me and I try to understand them. You can't go to every dinner party. You can't make it to every wedding. Sometimes you have to skip a baby shower because your own baby is coughing and running a fever.

Well, Friend deleted me as a "friend" on Facebook. Maybe I should be upset, but I'm not.

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