Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Old" Mokena Junior High School fight song

So I get an email from my 13-year-old niece today and was sort of shocked to discover that they are learning the "old" MJHS fight song. What the hell? When did they stop singing it? Anywho, here's the email for a good laugh:

Guess what? Our music teachers found the old mokena fight song, and we all sang it today. is this the one u remember:

Come on, Mokena, we are cheering for your victory
Our colors flying, like the emblem of our loyalty.
We'll stand beside you and you'll know us when you hear us shout, HEY RAH!
We will fight! fight! fight! And we will show our might!
Mokena marches to victory!
M-E-T-E-O-R-S! Our Meteors are the best! Go, Meteors!

Either way, its still fricken hilarious


Maddie :) said...

haha omg i searched the mokena fight song in google and this came up! i cant believe u remember this! did u go to school here? we learned it in school like a month ago...

Michelle said...

Hey Maddie - Yes I did go to school there and graduated in 1993!!! OMG I am sooo old! HAHA