Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Update (8 weeks)

After bleeding on and off for a week and after spending New Year's weekend in the ER, I headed back this morning after another long weekend of questioning whether or not this baby is going to make it through this pregnancy.

After heavy bleeding last night and passing blood clots, my doctor told me to head to the nearest ER to get evaluated again. In my heart, I truly thought this pregnancy was over.

To my surprise, the baby was still there with a strong heartbeat and healthy growth pattern. Unfortunately, the doctors were - again - unable to determine a cause of bleeding.

At this point, I'm showing no signs of miscarriage, but my doctor's nurse said that it didn't mean it can't happen. She said many women who bleed like this can go on to have healthy pregnancies, while for others - this serves as a warning sign.

For the next 10 days I have to be on bedrest at home without Sadie. But I am still feeling hopeful. I know my baby is still there with a heartbeat. I know that this baby is fighting to live. All of this gives me great hope among such scary moments. I am hoping that the worst of it will pass this first trimester and then we can move on to a beautiful, healthy baby and birth.

If anyone is actually reading this - please pray for our baby.

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Jessica Thomas said...

I'm reading, and keeping you and baby W in my thoughts!