Friday, January 15, 2010

Pregnancy and the clotting factor

So here I am on my 5th day of bedrest. Stopped bleeding for almost 24 hours, but the longest I've gone without bleeding is just a week. The doctors are thinking it's because of a blood clot near my uterus that's causing all this bleeding. It's probably the most scary thing that I could possibly imagine happening.

And here's the gipper, apparently, I'm really good at getting pregnant and then getting slammed with the most unexpected shit mother nature can throw my way. I really don't know if I'm going to have another baby after this one. I really really wanted three. But it's looking like two's going to be our magic number. I seriously feel like if I get pregnant one more time, it's going to kill me. Literally.

Anyway, five more days until the next ultrasound - and hopefully five more days until I can start jabbing that needle into my stomach. I actually can't wait. Being on the lovenox will make me feel so much better about so many things. Then - if the bleeding stops - I can start worrying about something important. Like, are we having a boy or a girl? You know, NORMAL pregnancy mumbo jumbo.

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Jaimes said...

good luck Michelle. perhaps if the first one had gone perfectly well, the second pregnancy would be harder to handle. At least you're prepared?