Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby W - 26 weeks

One more week under my belt is a good week - that's how I need to start looking at things.

At most, 10 more weeks until we meet our son. Things are continuing down the same track - His fluid level is the same as it was last week, but it should be going up as he grows - which is why they will start looking at him a lot closer starting on Monday.

We'll start having weekly ultrasounds, bio-physical profiles and NST's to see how big he's getting, how he's doing with breathing and to check his movement.

Bedrest from here on out is pretty much a given. The thought of my parents taking care of Sadie for another two months is a little overwhelming. The guilt associated with that is undeniable - and I feel so torn between doing what is best for the baby and being there for Sadie as her mom.

So, the news isn't great but the baby is holding tight and that's more than we could hope for. We just hope he decides to stay in for as long as he can - and at this point, our goal is one week at a time.

Erik has also been more than any woman could ask for. Not only is he working so hard at his job, but every night he comes home - picks up the house, throws in a load of laundry and takes care of me. These kinds of situations in life can either bring two people together or drive them apart. I think our experiences in the past have helped us come together again and face this head on with the best attitude we have.

Hang in there Baby W - we love you so much.

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