Friday, May 28, 2010

Click it or Shut up

A lot of my friends have recently started to bitch and moan about the ticket they got for not wearing a seatbelt. Yeah, yeah it's your right NOT to wear one, the "man" is stripping your rights away, blah blah blah.

But, For as long as I've been driving - so at least the past 15 years - our state has had some pretty harsh seatbelt laws. So why are you surprised to get a ticket? And why are you complaining? There are signs, radio ads and commercials all over about the Click it or Ticket campaign.

I just don't get the reasoning behind not wearing one. The best excuse anyone can come up with always mentions the ol' "I know people who would have been KILLED if they were wearing their seatbelt." Really? Really. REALLY!

You know, fine. If you don't want to wear one, it IS your right. If you don't give a shit about dying, having your head snapped or flying through the windshield - to each his own. But take a moment to think that your stupidity effects more people than yourself and even your loved ones. There's the poor sap who has to scrape your body off the road or consider the person in the other car who will have nightmares for life of seeing your body thrown from the car into a crumpled heap.

I guess I shouldn't complain - more revenue for the state. Maybe a few teachers can keep their jobs if you continue to be so irresponsible. Sounds like a plan to me

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