Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mammers' Diapering Academy

A few weeks ago after shipping Sadie off over to my mom's house - we decided to eliminate diapers and go strictly to a "Pull-Ups" only policy. Not so much because we want her potty trained before the baby gets here, but because her diapers kept leaking and she fought tooth and nail over having to get her diaper changed. This seemed like a good compromise for everyone.

When she pees or poops, we change her in the bathroom instead of the changing table and encourage her to help in the process by pulling off her diaper, throwing it away, wiping her own "poofy" or flushing her poo down the potty.

Long story short, early last night she apparently made a deposit in her Pull-Up. Erik and I didn't even know she had because within seconds of pooping she slowly and ever-so-carefully slipped off her pants and Pull-Up and headed toward the bathroom with the deposit still in the Pull-Up. She lifted the toilet seat, dumped her poop in, asked for a wipe for her butt and threw away her diaper.

We might not have her potty trained before the baby gets here, but if she's changing her own Pull-Ups - Who cares!?

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