Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stupid ass

Sadie and Lucy (our beloved kitty cat) have a love-hate relationship. Sadie loves Lucy. Lucy hates Sadie. That's about as in-depth as it gets.

Sadie crawled into bed with us last night and when Erik leaves for work in the morning he's supposed to put Lucy downstairs so that she won't wake us up (Lucy is an attention whore).

He forgot today and right on the dot at 6 a.m. Lucy is banging on the door and meowing like crazy.

I was still half asleep but Sadie rolls over and starts hitting me in the head.

"Wake up Mommy!"

"It's not time to wake up Sadie."

"Is that Lucy Mommy?"

"Yeah...Go back to sleep Sadie."

"Lucy is a stupid ass!"

Can't argue with her on that one can I?


Wyatt's Mommie said...

I love this... so very very cute!!! Guess Sadie doesn't love Lucy too much, well not this morning anyway.

Jessica said...

LOL sooooo funny! :0)

Denise M. Baran-Unland said...

I love it! Kids!