Monday, March 7, 2011

Sawyer's Tulips

Standing over Sawyer's grave today, I still feel like I just had the wind knocked out of me. That I'm still trying to catch my breath.

A new baby kicks inside of me and here I am, standing over the grave of the child that I had to let go. I sometimes feel like a statue. Frozen in the moment, nothing moves except the wind through my hair and the tears down my face.

Sawyer's tulips are already coming up. I bought some potted tulips last Easter when I was pregnant with him. When they died, I made sure to dig out the bulbs and save them - we planted them at his grave last fall. I bet they'll be blooming for him again by Easter.


Wyatt's Mommie said...

I am sure they will be beautiful!!!

Melissa said...

Wow. I totally had a moment almost exactly like that this weekend.

Laurie said...

Reading that just stuns me...what a moment. Oh. wow.

And the tulips...perfect.