Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Naomi

No one should ever have to see what I saw yesterday - Let alone, live it.

My cousin's baby girl - Naomi - died suddenly this past Sunday. She was beautiful. Laid out in pure white, with the sweetest bonnet I think I have ever seen. Lace blanketed her tiny body. To me, she was perfect.

Surrounding her were many pictures and I couldn't help but notice that in every one of Naomi and her father - he was beaming. There is no doubt, she had his smile.

I kept saying to Erik that this was all too much, too soon. But, I don't think it would have mattered when it happened - it's always going to be too soon.

At the cemetery, they laid her to rest right next to Sawyer. They're cousins, you know.

Two babies who never had the chance to meet. Two babies who will never have a first Christmas. Two babies who will never take their first steps.

And now?

Two sets of parents. Too many broken hearts.


Lisette said...

I am so sorry, sending you many ((HUGS)).

Kristine said...

Goose bumps and tears. I love you.