Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BIG NEWS from Children's Memorial Hospital

In a few days - Sadie's story will be on the Children's Memorial web site for all to see! When we got her home from the hospital, I wrote a letter to the PR Director and he immediately wanted to put my letter - word for word - on the site.

I'm just hoping this is one of the MANY chances we get to say thank you and to GIVE BACK to such a wonderful organization. We still plan on being a big part of next year's March of Dime's Walk along with a few other tricks up our sleeves.

I just hope Sadie's story can inspire or motivate just one person to give to Children's. Just thinking of all the other babies up there who didn't get to come home as soon as Sadie did. Those families still need our support and love...I always pray for all the sick babies there. I know I always will.

Well, I'll be sure to post the link as soon as it goes "Live" and is all official!!!!

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