Sunday, July 20, 2008

Full circle

i think i've finally gotten over that "hump" when it comes to coping and dealing with everything that's happened since Sadie was born.

a long pregnancy, scary moments, c-section, sick newborn and the infection that never ended...all of these things combined with a body on hormone-overload made for some desperate, emotional moments.

when the worst is happening, it's hard to understand or see the reasoning behind it. i couldn't fathom why all these things were happening to us...but now i think i do.

maybe god looked upon us and thought we could turn the bad into good. so far, i've made a video about sadie and gotten her story up on the Children's web site. but, there's so much more erik and i want to do and are going to do. there are so many families who are going through and will go through the same experience we did. and there are so many more who will go through worse...the least we can do is make it a little easier on them. share our story, give back...listen.

i've come full-circle with a better understanding of our ordeal. it's a very peaceful feeling and i'm so grateful for that.


Myer said...

Good for you. Keep the good karma ball rolling. By the way, I have found an awesome grocery story by me that is 10 times better than aldi. Go me!

Denise said...

i was so happy to read this blog, michelle. happy for the peace that you are experiencing. happy for the strength that you and erik have had. happy for your courage in sharing your story. happy for how others are and will be encouraged by your openness.