Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sadie's trip to the ENT

Ugh. What....a...DAY.

Okay. First off, Sadie had her hearing checked out by audiology and passed with her right ear but completely failed the test in her left. Assuming there could be some sort of blockage of wax (or possibility of infection) the doctor had to clean out her ears.

I know all he had to do was clean out her ears and take a good look at them, but to be quite honest, it was horrible! They had to first off stretch her arms straight out and strap them down to this board, then put this straight-jacket type thing across her chest and legs. She was strapped in and screaming.

The doctor then had to hold her head down with straps and turn her neck. She was just screaming so hard she could hardly breathe. I couldn't even touch her to reassure she would be alright...so here i am, thru the tears saying "It's okay Sadie you're almost done..." My poor baby...she really was miserable. I swear, can't this poor kid just catch a break?

So after 3o minutes of hyperventilating, she finally calms down and the doctor comes back and says that we'll have to redo the hearing again on Friday just to make sure that the wax wasn't blocking her hearing. However, the ear with the most wax - her right - passed the screening...which makes me a little concerned.

But, if this is the worst that happens to her from being sick - I can handle it.

So, on to her surgery. The skin tag on her neck is pretty big (according to the doctor) and I've decided to have him remove it at the surgery center. Originally, I didn't want her to be knocked out for it, but after what she went thru today - FORGET IT! Poor thing doesn't need to be awake during that.

The earliest we could get in was October. The base of the tag is so big that it's actually grown into her neck muscles so the stitches will not be the dissolveable kind.

I'll update on Friday as to whether or not she passes her hearing test - I hope what we went thru today to find out is worth it!


Janie said...

Oh, poor Sadie! And poor Mommy! That must have been awful. I hope her hearing is OK.

Colleen said...

Poor little Sadie :(

It is a good idea to let them give her drugs to help her sleep, the procedure will be quicker and she won't remember anything!