Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Please help my friend Mary

My friend is pregnant with her first child after battling breast cancer a few years back. She has other health issues too that require her to take Lovenox shots twice a day among other things to keep this baby healthy. Her insurance at her place of employment is a joke and her husband is having an extremely hard time finding any work. He does design web sites and here is a recent plea from Mary looking for anyone who might be able to help her family. And if anyone knows of any work openings around the Will/Cook county area - please email me at mktarrant@gmail.com or call. Thanks for your interest and if you'd like to copy this and email others, please do!

My husband is looking for a job. He's builds websites and is quite good at it.He doesn't have a degree but works cheap and as I said he is quite good!If you want to check out a site he did (via phone and emails with the gentleman he built it for whom lives in NY) go to Iheartstuffz. com (and if you don't mind click on the ad's, for my husband gets money for it (it may be just pennies but it ads up.)

And please tell all your friends to do the same, even if they don't need web building. You won't get charge or be expected to pay anything. This is just money for hosting an advertisement.And if anyone would like to submit an article to this website please go to it, click on contacts and send it to Larry.

Anything would be appreciated!It is desperate times for us! So please if you can help that would be great!!!Please we really need the help now!!! Thank you!

Love always

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