Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sore, but home :o)

Got home late last night around 10 p.m. - I could have stayed that night, but felt that the more I layed around, I would have a higher risk of developing a clot...plus, sleeping in a nice, non-hospital bed sounded like a dream.

The surgery went well and the doctors gave me anxiety medication before the procedure because I had gotten pretty worked up. It took the anesthesiologist about 8 sticks to get the IV in my arm. He ended up having to numb it because he was jabbing around so much. That was the only time I got upset - just because I wanted to get it all over with.

Next thing I remember was them pulling the tube out of my throat and apparently, I was screaming and hollering for Sadie. The nurse said I kept asking if Sadie was okay, where was Sadie, bring me Sadie...guess you could say I still have a little post-traumatic stress from the last hospital stay eh?

Before I knew it, I was up again and groggy - and in a lot of pain, but the nurses were very quick to help and give me medication. I was up to my room and napping in no time. I got up about 2-3 hours after the surgery to use the bathroom (something the nurse was pretty much against) but I knew I was ready and could do it. Compared to the c-section, the pain was much different and much better.

The nurses popped in every hour and I only had to hit my call light once. The resident neurosurgeon was in the room every two hours to discuss my pain and see how I was walking. He said I could go home that day but that it would be late. I wanted to no matter what. I never sleep well or recover good in the hospital. No one really does.

I'm just a little surprised at how sore and achy I feel. The surgeon told Erik that I would be sore for a few weeks instead of a few days since this is the second time around on my poor back. I guess there was a lot of calcium deposits on the spine too - perhaps the cause of the deterioration in the discs. Why? No one really knows. Once it starts, you can't stop it.

I am so thankful to my mom, Erik and Mary for being there for me. I don't know what I'd do without mom helping with Sadie. She is so good to her - comforting and loving. I never worry. Although, I tend to try and be a little controlling, I need to just relax and get better and not sweat the small stuff.

I also wanted to thank my cousin Denise again for sending me very inspirational verses from the Bible for encouragement. I read this verse before they separated me from Erik and it truly brought me peace. I'm so happy to have my faith...

"So do not fear for I am with you, do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10.

Trying to get a lot of rest but my neck hurts so bad from the vent that it wakes me up pretty easily. Even so, at least I get to see Sadie. This experience has been so different from the others we've been through this year. It's actually been good. No setbacks, no sadness, no frustration. Recovery is long - two months, but I know with my faith will keep me strong. Thank you for all the kind prayers and thoughts!

*And thank you Erin for the big ol' hunk o' dark chocolate - It's the cure for what ails ya!

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Denise said...

Yay! You are home with Sadie and Erik! Yay God for no complications, good care at the hospital and wonderful family to take care of you. You are blessed and you are a blessing because of how you share your thoughts in your blog.
Greg, Matthew and I will keep you in our prayers as you begin your recovery.

Much love,