Saturday, November 15, 2008

The "ex" - Cue dramatic music

I've been having these beyond vivid and extremely bizarre dreams about Jeff. Most of you remember him. You know - hole in the roof, Mr. Badass Marine, full of rage combined with a heaping dose of jealousy.

There is no logical explanation as to why I continue to have these dreams about him. They started when I got pregnant. I don't think about him as I drift off to sleep. And besides the occassional sighting, we haven't talked since it all ended almost 5 years ago.

Last night's dream was by far the wierdest. Erik sold the house we live in now to move to dumpsville USA - Rockdale. Go figure, the neighbor directly behind us was Jeff. The day we moved in they were having this huge going away party for him - he re-enlisted like an idiot.

Long dream short - I was later arguing with Erik on the steps of our new, dumpy home about why he dragged me out here, etc - when I screamed at Erik to "leave me the f*** alone." In comes Jeffarius to the rescue. "Are you okay Michelle?" "Did he hurt you?"

"I'm fine," I mutter and then Jeff comments on the baby I'm holding - saying that she looks just like me. That was about the only good part of the dream. Then Jeff kinda gives Erik this manly "you snagged a good one" hug and said "Watch out, she'll break your heart."

I think at some other point in the dream he came over with pictures of his son but that's a bit cloudy to me.

So as I tell Erik about this bizarre sleep story I can't help but wonder why the hell I give a shit. Like, as I'm telling him about the enlist part, I honestly was thinking "could he be that stupid" then followed by the thought of "why the hell do I care?"

And when I woke up man was my back sore - which got me thinking to my first back surgery and then thinking to Jeff because he was there for that ordeal. Which is maybe why I had the dream?

Any dream interpretation would be greatly appreciated!


Some Dude said...

According to Freud, dreams are either A) wish-fulfillment and/or B) your mind's way of shedding an accumulated amount of crap that piles up subconsciously throughout the day. The biggest problems w/ dreams is that the act of waking up distorts our ability to recount the details.

Basically, this dream is either wish-fulfillment in the sense that you want closure on your terms w/ this guy or (and this is probably the case) you subconsciously thought about this guy, your daughter, and a rundown house throughout the week and the end result was a bizarre dream including all of it at once.

I always seem to have dreams that take place at my childhood home after I've talked to my parents so the subconscious correlations are usually the culprit of our dreams.

Collins said...

My understanding is that if you analyze the dream by seeing yourself as each character, and figuring out what each person or action means according to everyone else, you're cured!

It's interesting that Sadie 'looks just like you', and a few other things.

Have fun figuring this one out!