Friday, November 14, 2008

Jon and Kate plus 8

So, I have one baby. One little, teeny - for the most part - agreeable little sweetheart.

I'm so damn exhausted from lack of sleep. It's not so much that Sadie keeps me up at night as much as it is that I can't fall back asleep once she wakes me.

Anywho - I was watching Jon and Kate plus 8 last night and they got this gift from a photographer friend of theirs - a picture of them with the sextuplets around I'd say 2-3 months old. The woman looked a wreck. She looked like someone had run her over 5 billions times with a truck. How the hell did they manage? (Note - the picture above is not said image)

Now I don't feel so bad after seeing that. And a little thankful for the sleep I do get.


Some Dude said...

And... on top of that, Jon's dad died shortly after the 6 kids were born and Kate's parents don't seem to be around (I vaguely remember an episode in which she mentioned something about how her and her parents are on weird terms). 8 kids, little to no grandparental help, and neither one of them are from big families with other brothers and sisters to help out. Honestly, I can't believe Kate didn't snap and murder a bunch of people at a pharmacy or something a few years ago. No jury would convict her.

Collins said...


I LOVE that show for the same reason. It makes me feel like things are possible, and I can be happy even on my toughest days!

Check out that show about the Duggars who have 17 1/2 kids--they're loons, and that makes me feel better, too.

You and I think so many of the same thoughts-- I love your blog, and REALLY we REALLY need hang out and do mommy things together. We can meet in the middle, but we're one in the same, I think.