Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Food bank

Today we went to a food bank, courtesy of Grundy County "We Care."

We had to go all the way to Gardner, register and wait for a few hours before we received our food.

The one thing I think most people realize when you are visiting a food bank for the first time - is that it didn't take much to get there. The crowd, I would say, was half young families like ours and half elderly.
While waiting around with our lottery number (we were 102nd in line for food) Erik and I chatted with a lot of different people who pretty much had the same story. For most people, like us, it was the first or second trip to the food bank. It's not like you get enough food to last you an entire month (which is how often the bank comes to Grundy County) but the food you DO get can last a while if you're creative.

We took home pork, shredded cheese, lunchables (which are great for Sadie), bread, juice (which I haven't been able to afford since Erik got laid off in December), crackers and a few other items.

A lot of the food, however, expires or has expired - so it's been frozen. Some of our cheese had mold growing on it and we had to toss it. But hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Thanks food bank people.

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