Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I started writing a book...nothing creative - more for me than anyone I think. It's going to be a book about the pregnancy and Sadie's stay in the hospital. Neither of them were terrible, but it was definitely life-changing for all of us.

Even if it takes me a million years, I want to do it. Maybe Mammers will be the only one who ever reads it. And that's fine with me.


Some Dude said...

More power to you. Hopefully, I'll finish mine before a million years as well.

Judy Shanahan said...

Loved catching up on the "happenings" of you and Ms. Sadie. Experiencing life through the eyes of a child is absolutely magical. Enjoy every precious moment!


Aunt Judy (AZ)

The Gile Family said...

Good luck on your book too! I have kinda been on a haitus for about a week, thinking about writing again today! I seriously wish we lived closer to each other so we could be live friends instead of just FB friends! Thank you for always having just the right words to say. Your support has been amazing too. :o)

Dee Dee