Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fat assss

I used the extra s's to emphasize how fat my ass has gotten lately. I have gained so much weight from this time last year until now. I don't think I eat any more than I used to, but I sure as hell am not doing as much.

I need to get motivated and get my fat assss into the gym and back on a routine. It's hard in the summer, but I think the recent video Erik took of me from behind while I was walking with Sadie was enough of a wake-up call. Seriously. I would love to just get knocked up and barf my brains out again and lose the weight. THAT WAS EASY. It was. At least for me.

The gym might be a nice change of pace. I can take Sadie along so she can have her play time and I can have my alone time. I just have to get into the routine of it. Which I suck at. Please help me. I just want my ass back.

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Ms. Reid said...

I have a rule that I'm not allowed to shower or put on regular clothes and/or makeup until I workout. Baby steps.