Thursday, July 23, 2009

Floating in and out

I had a friend. He's not my friend anymore.

I think that has been determined by the fact that it's been almost two years since we last saw each other - among other things.

Do you remember the conversation we had?

He told me that he pictured life as an actual highway - He was riding in a car.

Along the way, people get in and friends get out. Some stay for a while, some stay forever and some don't stay long at all.

In retrospect, I would think I'm that friend who didn't stay very long. This wasn't my choice and I don't think I could have seen this coming when we first became close. No actually, I never saw it coming. And it's sad.

It's sad that you changed and I changed. Sad that we can't make it work any longer.

I'm angry that you haven't been part of my life - the most important part of it so far. You'd really love her. She has eyes that sparkle and is incredibly strong-willed. She's all you told me she would be, but you don't want to see it.

I don't know who you are any more, but I know that I miss the person I used to know. So here I go, floating farther away every year, every day, every minute. Thanks for the ride.

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