Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day - How I'm helping

#1 - Teaching Sadie to go on the potty, thus alleviating the need for massive amounts of diapers that go into landfills. I'm sure the massive amounts of poop that will now be in our sewers might not seem like the best alternative, but darnit, I'm trying.

#2 - Cooked dinner last night on the grill using wood chips. OH man, that hickory-smoked burger was tasty.

#3 - Freecycled a gently-used boppy pillow (maternity/nursing pillow). Those things cost close to $50 in the store, so someone will be happy.

#4 - Opened the windows.

#5 - Hung some of some of Sadie's sheets on the patio to dry.

And there you go earth - you're welcome.

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