Friday, April 9, 2010

Michelle's cleaning tips

I don't have many to offer, but I've found these along the way and thought I'd share. First off we'll talk about the vacuum. The biggest mistake I think people make is NEVER or hardly ever changing the filter. After every use of the vacuum we empty the container, wash it out and wash off the filter. It does wonders and doesn't spread the dust around at all.

My second bit of cleaning advice would definitely benefit the moms of little ones out there - Baby wipes. They are amazing for dusting because they are already moist and don't leave a streaky afterglow. They hold on to the dust nicely and cost a lot less than a lot of the other dusting products that they sell out there. Plus, it's a lot better for the air in your home since you aren't spraying gross chemicals all over the place (however, I still swear by orange-scented Murphy's oil for brining out the shine in wood).

And finally my new best friend, Vinegar (white distilled)! I wish I knew about it so much sooner than I did. I remember my grandma's house smelling like it as a little kid, and now I know why. It had been used as a household cleaner for years before all the Lysol's came out on the market. It is an amazing disinfectant and can be used as a scouring agent when combinged with baking soda. And again, no nasty chemical smells on your counters, faucets or floors. And talk about reasonable! I've found a lot of other awesome uses for vinegar from this website too:

Well, maybe I'd better get cleaning now. But thought I'd share some of my secrets.

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