Friday, June 25, 2010

Still: A Collection Of Honest Artwork And Writings From The Heart Of A Grieving Mother

If you know anyone who has lost a baby, buy them this book. I wrote the author today who I only know through her amazing website and project - - Here is my letter to Stephanie Cole:


I finished your book today in the shade of the public pool under a perfectly blue sky with the puffiest, white clouds floating high above. My husband took the day off work and we all went together with our two-year-old daughter, Sadie. I got into the water for a few minutes. But I couldn't stand watching everyone splashing around, looking so happy.

I'm so glad I packed your book.

I picked up where I left off and finished it in less than two hours. I wanted to thank you for what you've written, what you've shared. I've been keeping a blog online and writing in a few different journals - one I started before Sawyer was born and one that I received from the hospital. I try to be so honest, especially on my blog, that I sometimes worry about what people think of me - "The mother of the dead baby." And your book has inspired me to continue writing and sharing my pain, anguish, grief, frustration and whatever other emotion strikes me - with the world.

What you've done is more than brave - it has shown that we all have our own story to tell. And you told yours in the hopes that it brings some kind of comfort to another mother, facing the same nightmare that we all could never imagine living through - yet here I am. And here you are. And we are living through it.

Thank you again, and I do look forward to working with you in the future with your Sweet Pea Project and our (not-yet-named) bereavement box project that we are starting in honor of Sawyer. Much love and peace,

Michelle Williams

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Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for posting this Michelle, you are the best!