Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mom guilt

I feel like the worst mom ever lately.

Sadie and I have been fighting these awful sinus infections for a week now. And I am hitting that point in the pregnancy where I am exhausted 24/7. I can't do much with her anymore, if I'm on my feet too long my ankles swell and I get dizzy - my blood pressure's been hit and miss too so I have to watch what I'm doing.

I just feel awful because it's been pretty nice this week and we've been in the house most of the time. I tried taking her to a new splash park yesterday afternoon but she wanted me to hold her and take her on the monkey bars instead - which I totally can't do.

Anyway, sorry Sadie. I'm trying my hardest right now to be the best mom I can be to all of my children - and it's not easy.

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The Good, The Bad, & The Family said...

Awe mama! Hang in there! You are an amazing mommy!This exhausted sick phase is just a season. For now try to find low key activities like movies, Buid-a-bear, etc. That way you still have quality mommy/daughter time before little man comes crashing into your life! Take care of you!

Margaret (@goodbadfamily)